Flip to the perfect view.

Flipped in 360°, Y200 is flexible and yet not limited by space. Integrated with the versatility of a tablet and performance of a laptop, it comes with various flip modes to suit your needs. Change the angle to see the world! Browsing, surfing, social media, playing games, watching movies or working all these can be done in different flip modes. The power of laptop and easy access of tablet two in one!

Everything starts with a light touch.

Y200 delivers clear, fine and smooth images and accurately presents gorgeous color. Light and thin touch screen, magnificent and saturated color, all provides with an immersive internet experience and breathtaking impact of details. Y200 displays fine and exquisite images or videos in best quality. Touch, scroll, tap or zoom all over the screen with easy navigation. Hassle free use!

Long-lasting battery life.

Equipped with 8000mAh polymer battery, Y200 has sufficient power and long lasting battery life. Y200 means taking a walking power storage station along with you. Small profile reserves enormous energy. Say goodbye to power failure. It provides a helping hand at work or home without the necessity of charging frequently. Enormous battery that works perfectly!

Incredible Window 10 experience.

With the latest Windows 10 system, Y200 supports 128GB Micro SD Card and allows you to enjoy new experience from quick start to start menu, from browser to Cortana. Your exclusive digital assistant. Enjoy battery saver for that extra notch of power consumption.

Powerful Intel performance.

Coming with Intel CherryTrail-T3 Quad core CPU, Y200 improves the booting up speed and runs fast no matter in professional graphic processing, video streaming media, or high-resolution games and large application. More faster and reliable for extra-ordinary performance!

Speedy multitask computing.

2GB DDR3L and 32GB eMMC largely increase the storage performance and the game speed. The player can quickly switch among various interfaces and play games with friends. Store images, videos or office work all in one with enormous memory. All your needs are taken care of with superior memory!

Stay connected to the world.

Wireless connection breaks the limits of network conditions. You will surf the Internet at anytime and anywhere, and will never be annoyed at the long and messy network cable. No network cable will hinder you. Enjoy internet in any corner of your house, shopping malls, office etc. with Wi-Fi for that extra comfortable access.

Light and Portable.

With the thickness of 20mm and the weight of 1200g, Y200 always follows your pace, eases your burden and saves your space in work, study and entertainment. The dazzling gold and silver bring enduring fashion appearance and grab others attention. All eyes will be on you if Y200 is with you, light weight and portable. Carry it anywhere or everywhere along with you. Born to be with you!