InnJoo 2

More than one

Finger print sensor Selfie at a touch

For the first time, InnJoo provides you a wholly new way of smarter and safer operations. The touch ID lets you unlock your phone and take photo simply by using your fingerprint. You are able to do more with the advanced sensor easily and securely.

Introducing fingerprint sensor

Adopting the latest module of fingerprint detector and recognition algorithm, the sensor recognizes and responds to your touch immediately, at a high speed of 508PPI resolution with only 0.46s.

Higher security: lock up the applications you want to keep private to ensure a higher security.

Cameras First time, you have 13MP cameras both back and front

InnJoo 2 comes with most advanced cameras ever. With dual 13-megapixel cameras, sharp detailed photos and full HD videos can be conveniently produced by full-sized zero-delay shutters whenever wherever. In addition, the touch sensor also makes shooting more enjoyable.

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Design A breathless design, better than ever

InnJoo 2 takes everything that made InnJoo great, and this time make it more than one. 7.3mm thickness, 126g in weight, behind the simple numbers, we did far more, from the integral structure to a partial key, from the overall appearance to every single technology process.

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Display The world’s strongest glass, more than display

InnJoo 2 applied Dragontrail glass in its display, the world’s strongest glass. It has 8 times of hardness and 40% higher toughness than its rivals. With its wear-resistance of 3000+ and 9H hardness, it supports 60kg weight while only 0.28mm in thickness.

Crystal-clear in the 720p HD screen

Thanks to the clever 70.6% screen ratio, screen-on InnJoo 2 is slim and elegant, and you’ll find it’s such a beauty to hold. 5.0-inch HD IPS screen makes every pixel brighter and sharper. Colors are so real and images so lifelike.

Technology True MT6753 Octa-core performance, advanced excellence

InnJoo 2 is as powerful as elegant. Faster MT6753 Octa-core processor yet more power-efficient, rapid large flash memory, latest Android Lollipop OS and fast Internet connection, InnJoo 2 unifies performance and beauty perfectly.

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Battery The biggest battery in a flagship model, also rapid charge

Now, InnJoo has a flagship performance with larger 3200mAh battery, also adopts rapid charge technology. 1-hour charging will fill up the 60% of the battery capacity. Adopting advanced efficient Octa-core processor, power-saving 720p HD screen, low-voltage LPDDR3 memory as well as smart Android 5.1 lighter OS and intelligent power-saving technology, InnJoo 2 reduces its power consumption significantly.

InnOS Simple, and enjoyable

We care about your every single click and slide on InnJoo 2. So, smart gestures were adopted for your simpler operations. Double-click to awake InnJoo 2, draw letter “e” to enter Email application, and so forth. Enjoy the simple operations, extraordinary functionality, and an emotional connection with your smartphone.

Not just smart, smarter

Far more than that, continuously upgraded InnJoo-developed tools and apps are always provided for superior experience.


Clean-interface and zero-advertising.


Application center.
Latest various applications are available.


Electronic InnJoo user manual for seeking help whenever you need.


Enough storage space for back ups.

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