Strict high-tech processes, elaborate artwork

Applying precise CNC technology, the full-metal frame, buttons and SIM card slot are repeatedly refined. The shining edges is well formed by ball cutter and 3D polishing. Moreover, spraying, anodizing, and aluminum alloy material guarantee the firmness and the surface hardness. We are aiming to make sure it’s smooth, durable and comfortable.

2.5D full metal frame, wonderful feeling in your hand

Even for a single sight or touch, InnJoo wants to show its incredible advance. For cutting the 0.1mm sinking in the metal edges, we customized a ball cutter to realize the smooth transition of the rounded corners on the phone body. Even hard to be measured and requires more efforts, we care more about the first feeling in your hand.

Naturally elegant, technological structure

InnJoo 2 explored an extreme balance between design and technology. 5.0-inch crystal screen, smooth frame, sleek rounded edges, large 3200mAh battery, all-in-one-piece design, yet it is only 7.3mm thickness and 126g in weight. These are the reasons why we say InnJoo 2 is a naturally formed artwork.

Stereo sound, louder sound

With the side-opening design, every tone pops out freely and naturally. Enhanced audio module built in, 85db at the most, InnJoo 2 speaks 10 db louder than others.

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