InnJoo T1

Small Master

More than a tablet

Beautiful Design
Advanced Technology Integrated

Mini sized and user-friendly designed, advanced technology integrated protects your device from any damages. Yet It’s still very thin and light while you can do even more with holding in hand.

Enjoy Fun with HD Camera

Equipped with 5MP camera, you can just focus on capturing those memorized moments at anytime and anywhere, T1 will do the rest. What’s more you can take funny photos for yourself easily with front camera.

Surf the Internet at Speed

Equipped with MTK quad-core processor, T1 delivers stunning performance with up to two times CPU than previous generation and keeps you connected faster than ever. You can take with you surf the internet at speed.

Powerful Apps and Exclusive Account

It comes ready to work and play. Except the exclusive InnJoo apps designed for T1, more incredible apps are ready for you. With an exclusive account, you can log on at any time and any place for all InnJoo devices.

Stable 3G Connectivity

Don’t let its size fool you, T1 is powered with MTK integrated chip and you can get wonderful power in this device. It’s not just a tablet but also a 3G mobile phone, steady connectivity allows you enjoy happy talking hour without any interruption.