Max 3

Watch Big

Bigger is always better when watching movies and TV shows, Notice fine detail and read subtitles comfortably, even when you're sharing the screen with friends.

Play Big

Say “wow” to the exciting & grand game scene on this big screen, say “goodbye” to heartbreaking misoperations on small screens, InnJoo Max 3, your carry-on playbox!

Work Big

A 6” big screen to present your file, email and your presentation, a larger keyword to make you typing faster and more accurately, just like a laptop on-the-go, so effectively!

Read Big

Like reading with your gears? No need to go for another expensive Kindle, Max 3’s 6” HD screen can also show you more contents with larger characters without keep turning pages.

Photo Big

Taking pictures, Viewing pictures and editing pictures on this 6” HD screen, you can also be a professional photographer!

Shop Big

With the Max 3’ 6” HD screen, shopping online would be easier: you can check, compare by look into bigger images without missing any details!

Navigate Big

The route & road condition is so clear on this 6” HD screen, you can check it with just a simple glance, so you can focus more on the driving, more safely.

Think Big

Composing a new song, writing a new novel, drawing a new picture… This 6” big Max 3 will definitely help you to convey your big ideas!

Browse Big

It’s never been so easy to searching and browsing on this 6” HD smartphone screen, and it will help to protect your eyes because you don’t need to look so closely anymore.

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