Elaborate Present

---An optimized Intel-Windows tablet

Serious performance through Intel

Equipped with blazing-fast Intel chipset with low-power consumption, InnJoo Leap allows a quicker browsing, easier editing and faster updating based on the powerful Bay Trail Quad-core 1.33GHz processor. Leap could handle even the most intensive of tasks with its insanely fast performance.

Amazing sight of the Windows

With the built-in smarter and more efficient Windows 8.1 operation system, InnJoo Leap is launched to provide you a foundation of Office 365 to read and edit from tablet-optimized Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Stay productive and hold business in your hand.

Display the true, feel the lucency

Adopting AUO LCD panel in HD IPS screen with the resolution of 800*1280, 8.0-inch InnJoo Leap perfects its display with high resolution, wide viewing angles and power-saving features. With OGS technology and TFT-LCD, the responsive bright touchscreen for pleasure is just in your fingertip.

Enhanced camera, optimized photographing experience

Leap is equipped with customized real back camera of 5MP and front camera of 2MP, and also optimized auto-focus function for a better and easier photographing experience. Furthermore, it’s particularly designed for making video conferencing easily during your methodical work.

Store the fun, free the work

1G RAM and 16G massive storage which could be expanded to 32G could provide you a super high-capacity. Your various apps, games and numbers of files are easily stored.

Entire new, yet surprising natural

As an entirely new yet surprising natural InnJoo product, Leap is born to be unique. Smart operation system and powerful Intel chipset within the elegant body to meet your high requirement, just immerse your in exclusive excitement InnJoo Leap brings to you!

Notice: Users should NOT reinstall the system by themselves because this may easily cause harm to the tablet. System reinstall need to be operated by InnJoo and InnJoo authorized after-sales service agent. Moreover, the warranty period of Windows system is half a year.