InnJoo 3

Full high definition, clear as mirror

1920*1080 FHD IPS screen of InnJoo 3 is capable of reproducing colors closely to the natural image. This crystal display in 2.5D design in front of you will give you an illusion in the scene. Experience actual colors!

Full lamination technology

Dragon trail glass for touch panel is eight times stronger than the conventional glass, it can directly resist scratches and falling; and display screen, made of Sharp glass, has smarter sensibility to response. Besides, GFF full lamination technology makes InnJoo 3 thinner and brighter with superior touch experience.

Three fingers to capture screen shot

Is it a trouble for you to capture a screen shot with two buttons pressed together? Now InnJoo 3 supports to take screen shot with three fingers sliding from the top to the bottom, so easy and precise. Now take hassle free screen shot in a jiffy.

Eye care mode

An intimate care design is applied to the display setting. On the Eye care surface, you can adjust the brightness of the display based on your environment as well as enjoy the best picture quality with Miravision tech anytime anywhere. Protect your eyes from intense light.

USB Type-C,
reversible and flexible

The USB Type-C, this small volume charger adopted by InnJoo 3, features a great capacity of power supply, rapid charging and transmission speed, and most important, unlike older USB cable, it doesn't matter which side is up with a Type-C plug, you can insert it either way. It’s reversible. InnJoo 3 cares for you from every details of the phone to the charger. Now charge in minutes with lightning speed!

Charge less and do more

Clean master APP installed in the InnJoo 3 will start up mainly aiming to save power usage and clear off trash in order to reach lower consumption mode and cool down the CPU. Matched with MT6750T CPU, strong charging capability now achieves its guarantee.

MT6750T, a powerful LTE Cat-6 processor and communication chipset

The MediaTek MT6750T is built using 28nm process, and offers octa-core SoC. It supports 1080p H265 video encoding and faster LTE connectivity. Users will have data throughput capability up to 300Mbps by implementing LTE Carrier Aggregation.

Large, for entertainment

Innovation is composed of many “the first time”, so does the InnJoo 3. 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and 128GB micro SD card added storage also makes its way for the first time to the InnJoo products family, besides doing help to provide full place for entertainment files; it is significant for speed of service at the meanwhile.

Dual SIM, for efficiency

Being accompanied by two SIM cards, you can enjoy your private time with a family card and deal with nuisance and trivial things in work with the other card. 4G network as you choose, making efficiency and privacy an easier job.

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