InnJoo 3

Fingerprint sensor design

The fingerprint sensor surface underwent ceramic technology processing, appears a sense of reality and durability. With built-in SW9362N chip inside, the latest chip of SunWave, InnJoo 3 is able to hold more than 1 million presses while taking less than 300ms to respond and 0.02% for FAR, reaching a sampling precision of 10 bit. Convenience, safety, precision, fashion and comfort, one touch tells you all!

Touch to shoot

This time, the front fingerprint design brings you one more surprise. No more embarrassedly short hand and troublesome selfie stick. Only one finger touch, taking brilliant photo is so easy!

Full metal body

InnJoo 3 possesses full metal body design under the CNC process, every lines on the ultra-slim body is smooth and natural, showing a grace flavor and soft touch of aluminum material. You will find it is worth using, admiring and touching.

Matte back shell

Daily use phone must feature the character of comfortable grip. Matte back shell promises a solid texture and cozy touch, sending out a noble smile of satisfaction on your face. InnJoo 3 will be your style statement!

CNC process

Computer numerical control (CNC) processing was chosen for the metal frame cutting, making every corners, edges, and lines just perfect and of finest quality. Good look is not the only strength of appearance and design, excellent hand feeling also counts one.

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