InnJoo 3

First time, you have 21MP rear camera

Embracing 21-megapixel, flash light, 6P lens, f/1.8mm aperture and 88.1°wide angle, InnJoo 3 is going to provide you with extremely bright, crisp, and sharp photos. Single-lens reflex camera is no longer a need for taking good pictures as long as 21MP smart phone is in your hand.

Light up your selfie

InnJoo 3 will let you to redefine your opinion on a front camera with 8-megapixel, Sony imx219 chip, 88.5° angle, and f/2.0mm aperture. Capturing fleetly happy faces swiftly, Sony imx219 chip gives you confidence, speaking for yourself! The Sony imx219 image sensor precisely helps in taking selfie and beautifying. It has a front flash so low light is not a problem anymore.

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