Laptop power+Tablet fun Optimized 2in1

Thin, while strong enough

Within 9.8mm sleek body, powerful Intel® quad core chipset works inside. 32-bit Intel Baytrail serial CPU features a more quicker processing capacity.

2GB RAM, enjoy the speed and efficiency. 32GB massive storage, plenty of storage for photos, videos, documents and more. Flex works at a laptop performance, switching easily among heavy tasks.

Laptop at work, tablet on the go

This 2 in 1 device combines full performance and immersive entertainment perfectly. Built-in Windows 10 OS even makes your tablet a new PC. Switch between laptop and tablet, enjoy the flexibility you need to accomplish any task. Enjoy the processing power of a laptop and the fun of a tablet.

Amazing sight of dual OS, also free Microsoft office softwares

Latest Windows 10 and Android 5.1 dual OS inside, Flex works more efficiently. Packing with the smart Windows 10, Flex offers you one-year free use of Office series softwares. Tablet-optimized Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, keep productive and hold business easy in your hand.

Quick switch access in the pull-down menu, switch between dual OS whenever you need.

Full PC power on a high- performance keyboard and cover

For intelligent 2 in 1 tablet, we equipped Flex with an additional keyboard-cover 2 in 1, which is detachable. While keeping your smart device safe, the cover also act as a stand for you to adjust the best watching angle.

The comfortable and responsive keyboard is contoured to your fingers and makes you type comfortably. The thoughtfully engineered design gives you an unique combination of featherweight portability and heavyweight typing performance.

Wide screen, new vision

With a ultra-large screen and high resolution, colors are bright and images vivid. Easy navigate with the expansive touch screen. Flex will bring you a wholly-new visual experience and won’t let you down.

Elegant appearance, free video time

The 2MP front-facing camera brings detail to your photos and video chats. Capture all the details with vibrant clarity, enjoy the nuances of face-to-face conversations.

Extended battery life, more time you love

7000mAh large battery, once for enough. This means watching up to 8+ hours of HD videos on a single charge. Long-lasting battery, do what you love. Flex is the perfect combination of fast performance and power efficiency.

Smart, more possibilities

Supports 3G SIM card for data transmission. Now, start exploring the smart life, work and play at home or on the go with this efficient, lightweight laptop.